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The Benefits Of Owning A Hot Tub

Hot tubs enhance your backyard and grant you countless health benefits every day. Affordable and easy to transport, they're also a great investment, even if you relocate often. Not only a wonderful source of relaxation, hot tubs improve your overall health in a variety of ways.


Blood flow increases as your body absorbs heat from the hot water. This can, in turn, lower blood pressure in as little as 20 minutes. Additionally, many people soak in a bathtub for muscle relaxation. Unfortunately, heat escapes from the bath over time. Hot tubs maintain their high temperature indefinitely, allowing the heat to work deep into your muscles, relieving tension and pain.


Our joints support a lot of weight and are in constant motion throughout the day. By the time the sun goes down, you can really feel how hard your body worked. While using a hot tub, your body weight decreases by approximately 90%! With the reduced strain on its joints and muscles, your body can relax, taking a much needed break after a hard day’s work.


Spa jets distribute focused streams of water and warm air. Each hot tub is equipped with nozzles of various sizes, pressures, configurations and quantities (ranging anywhere from about 11 to 58 jets). These jets target particular areas of your body with therapeutic water pressure. Now you can have your own massage therapist on call anytime you want!

Hydrotherapy hot tub benefits

Medicinal Needs

Using a hot tub on a regular basis provides a variety of health benefits.

  • Arthritis: Sufferers have found that a regular session in their hot tub provides the warmth, massage and buoyancy that is so important to their well-being. The warmth and buoyancy relieves the pain of arthritis.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Believe it or not, soaking in a spa can simulate exercise by increasing the heart rate. Study participants who used a hot tub did not experience increased blood pressure, while participants who exercised on bicycles experienced an increase in blood pressure. The regular use of spas and hot tubs can give you some of the same health benefits of exercise but with less heart stress.
  • Stress: Warm, pulsating water will not only massage tight muscles, but can help relieve stress and tension in your body. Many hot tub owners also add aromatherapy or spa fragrances to enhance the overall mind and body experience. Enjoy your very own paradise, every day!
  • Better Sleep: Your body can be eased into a state of deep and relaxing sleep by the drop in body temperature after going to bed. Hot tub owners that soak in hot water about 90 minutes before bedtime will trigger their internal thermostat to lower the body temperature. This not only relaxes the body, but induces sleep to easily set in. Overall relaxation is one of the best hot tub benefits.


We can can’t leave out our favorite part of every pool and spa - the fun! Spas and hot tubs provide a relaxing environment to share with your friends and family. And the best part? Spas are very easy to maintain and keep balanced! If you're interested in learning more about hot tubs, or if you need help maintaining the hot tub you already own, stop into your local Leslie's store. The experts on hand can answer all your questions, and will also provide you a free 10-point Leslie's AccuBlue® water test to make sure your hot tub shines!

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