Above Ground Pool Cleaners

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Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Leslie’s Pool Supplies offers a wide variety of Above Ground Pool Cleaners from brands like Dolphin, Hayward and Aqua Products. You will find a range of cleaners, from cute and effective like the Hayward Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner, to the plug-n-play Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Types of Above Ground Pool Cleaners
  • Battery-Powered Pool Vacuums, like the Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom, are great for soft-sided pools and smaller above ground pools.
  • Suction Side Pool Cleaners, like the Hayward AquaBug, are powered by the pool’s circulation system to clean the floor of an above ground pool.
  • Pressure Side Pool Cleaners, like the Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle, are connected directly the pool’s return line to clean the floor and sides of the pool.
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Need more information on Above Ground Pool Cleaners and other equipment to keep your pool clean and running smoothly? Take a look at our expert article, How to Maintain an Above Ground Pool, for everything you need!

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